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Aka ms yourpc is a windows phone companion to link your smartphone with your Windows PC. One of the most important features added to Windows is connecting PCs to smartphones via the dedicated app. Through the Link To Windows and Phone Link applications, Microsoft has made syncing more accessible than ever. helps you to read and reply to text messages with ease, view recent photos from your Android device, use your favorite mobile apps, make and receive calls, and manage your Android device’s notifications right on your PC.

Where to Enter your Code?

  • Go to on your browser.
  • You will see an 8 digit code on your screen.
  • Enter the 8-digit code from your app or device screen.

What are the requirements to connect the phone to Windows PC ?

Find out the following information below :
  • Your Phone Companion : Link to the Windows app on your Android device: Don’t worry if you don’t have this app on your Android; We have a simple trick – go to your phone’s web browser and go to This will take you to Your Phone Companion official app page on Google Play Store.
  • Your Phone app on your Windows PC : Users with the update from October 10, 2018 to Windows 10 version and above will have the Your Phone app pre-installed on their PC.
  • Wi-Fi Connection : Both the devices should be connected to a strong and stable internet connection to avoid any inconvenience.

Easy way to connect or link your Android to your PC

  • In the search box type the phone link and choose phone link app.
  • It may be asked you to sign into Microsoft account if you haven’t logged in with windows.
  • Install or open the link to windows mobile app on your device.
  • Open any browser on your android device and enter the link displayed on your pc (
  • Log in to the mobile app with the same Microsoft account you logged in your PC.
  • Once you login go back to your PC choose the check box and check the link and select Pair with QR code.
  • A window will appear on your PC with a QR code.
  • When asked, IS the QR code on your ready? Select the “Continue” option.
  • Give your camera access for scanning the QR code.
  • After scanning the QR code, you may asked for the android access.
  • Follow the prompts on your android and choose Done.
  • Return to your PC to analyze the Phone Link app.

Functions of Connecting Android to PC – aka ms yourpc

  • Access your favorite mobile apps on your PC.
  • Read and reply to text messages on your PC.
  • Drag files between your PC and Phone and share the files by emails.
  • Copy and paste content between your PC and phone.
  • Make and receive calls from your PC.