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Rossmax HA500 Thermometer-Blue

DigiClassic-MT 111

The temperature is the measurable extent of hotness or coldness. It is a mathematical representation of heat. There are different units to measure temperatures, like Celsius (˚C), Kelvin (K), and Fahrenheit (˚F).

There are different Mercury Free Thermometer with Low Battery Indication & Beep Alert. Accurate & Safe. that are classified according to their needs. For example, there is one set of DigiClassic thermometers that are used to measure body temperature while another set of Blue thermometers measure boiling point and freezing point during experiments.

Types of Thermometer

Following are the different types of thermometers that we use on a daily basis:

  • Clinical thermometer /medical thermometer
  • Laboratory thermometer
  • Digital thermometer
  • Infrared ear thermometer
  • Mercury thermometer
  • Alcohol in glass thermometer
  • Constant pressure gas thermometer
  • Constant volume thermometer
  • Platinum resistance thermometer
  • Thermocouple thermometer
  • Pyrometer thermometer

How to read a Rossmax HA500 Thermometer Thermometer?

Mercury Free Thermometer with Low Battery Indication & Beep Alert. Accurate & Safe.

  • The thermometer Rossmax HA500 Thermometer is washed with water at a normal temperature.
  • It is given a few jerks. We notice that the jerks bring the level of mercury down. We ensure that it falls below the 37⁰C mark or the 98⁰F mark, the normal human body temperature.
  • The MT 111 thermometer is then kept under the tongue or the arms to get the reading on the DigiClassic thermometer.
  • The thermometer is then held close to the eye, as shown in figure 3, to see the correct reading.
  • The temperature difference indicated between the two bigger marks is noted. Also, the number of divisions (shown by smaller marks) between these marks is noted. For e.g. the bigger mark reads 10 and the number of divisions is 5, then each division reads the value equal to 10/5 = 20.
  • We note the value of the bigger mark that the mercury thread crossed (98 in Fig.4 Example 1). Then the number of the division of the mercury thread has crossed is noted (3 in this case). Now, this value is multiplied by the value of one division (which is 0.2 in this case). Hence, the temperature reading is 98 + (3×2) = 98.6.
  • How to use Rossmax HA500 Thermometer Thermometer?

    • Turn on the DigiClassic thermometer and click till the number zero appears on the display.
    • Place the tip of the thermometer under the armpit.
    • Wait for a few seconds before you hear the alarm from the Blue thermometer.
    • Remove the thermometer and check for the temperature on the display.
    • After use, clean the tip of the thermometer with cotton and alcohol.

    Ways to Take a Temperature using Rossmax HA500 Thermometer

    • Rectal. The thermometer is placed in the child’s bottom. It is thought to be the most accurate temperature.
    • Oral. The Blue thermometer is placed in the mouth under the tongue. Note: Pacifier digital thermometers are not recommended. They can be inaccurate.
    • Axillary. The thermometer is placed in the armpit.
    • Tympanic. The DigiClassic thermometer is placed in the ear.
    • Temporal artery.M The thermometer scans the surface of the forehead. These are sometimes used to screen for fever. If the temperature is higher than normal (greater than 101° F), it needs to be taken with a more accurate kind of MT 111 thermometer. Temporal artery thermometers should not be used on infants.

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